Digital Thermometer

Product Details:

Temperature Range -200 to


Digital Thermometers offer users significant benefits compared to the older glass tubes. They provide an easy-to-read, LCD display, while glass tube thermometers often require the person to estimate a final temperature.


A digital thermometer generates a temperature within a minute, making temperature reading easier.


Unlike glass, digital thermometers won’t shatter if dropped; a safety measure for equipment.


Application :
For accurate measurement of temperature where Charpy testing at sub-zero temperatures is carried out. These are used in various industries like boilers, pressure vessels, metallurgy, automobiles, foundries, forge shops, steel plants, testing laboratories and similar other industries where impact testing is required.


Technical Specification :
Sr. No. Description Value
a. Measuring Range – 2000 C to 2000C
b. Least Count 0.10 C
c. Calibration Certificate Certificate is provided (with NABL symbol) conforming to ISO 17025 requirements.